13 Sep 2014

The Great Scottish Debate: Arise Ye Sir - A New Confederate Commonwealth.

“Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never harm me”….we used to shout this all the time as children as tears swelled and the throat went dry; just before disappearing into the house for teatime.

Of course in this, the week that is for nail biting, back stabbing, knife edged, debate and referendum over the very existence of the United Kingdom - name calling is back in the game.
The art of great propaganda: A Yes poster from 2014 with a WW 2  Commonwealth recruitment
call to arms. The future is Confederate, can the British Isles pull it off.  

Not as just the usual political insults but a more profound name calling…How to say UK after the YES/NO vote…For all the bluster over the last point or so the writing is on the wall…The story of the UK’s 300 yr history is over.  A new history is dawning, more glorious and reflective.

Scotland is stable, educated, forward thinking and very aware of the important role we all must play to ensure the nations of these Isles enjoy the very best the world and life has to offer.

You read it here; there will be no re-manning of Hadrian’s Wall and no attempt to reclaim Berwick on Tweed.   

The future is Confederate. The future is economic co-operation. The future is respectful re-building  a resurgent Commonwealth.   

OK- OK: I hear you say many things and even hear little laughter to this prediction!!! But in this week, – the week that is- we also lay to rest a Loyal Ulsterman from the DUP, who, known for always to say NO,  finally said YES……….just as we all do in the end……