3 Jun 2012

European Commission Should Leave Brussels Street Party

The British are celebrating. And so they should. They have painstakenly over the decade argued their point on the Euro and the democratic deficit emulating from Brussels street. They were ignored when fundemental flaws were highlighed to an arrogant and incompetent regime living in this proud old street.

But then again didn't this same regime know all this. Their strategy of pursuing a unified federal Europe though a policy of crisis leads to uncertainty and eventually to submission was as flawed as the Euro itself.

Flashback to Brussels Street Belfast,  Silver Jubliee 1977.  There was trouble then. Today the British there have more
to celebrate.   A persistent process to face down problems brings dividends to that part of the  Kingdom. 
This is the 21st century. The digital age of knowledge & communication. The People can not be fooled all the time.

Finally the Bankers have owned up. This is their crisis. From Brussels to Frankfurt to Rome finance leaders have admitted the Euro set-up is “Unsustainable, the currency could disintegrate and the entire European edifice was in danger.”

The first step to resolving a problem is admitting there is one.

The disgraced commission of Jacques Santer a decade past, resigned over massive financial corruption crimes. This present incompetent and disgraced commission of Jose Manuel Barroso should also leave the Brussels street. That done their front door should be closed. Forever.