11 Nov 2011

Vive l'Art de l'Etat-Super: DasGrup Frankfurt Takes the Helm; Confederate Nations Sharing Alongside Inner Core Eurozone Federalists.

A new Eurozone leadership has emerged. Das Frankfurt Group, is named after the city housing the European Central Bank and the location for its first meeting. It also has the bizarre trappings of a Chosen Few or Euro Angels secret chapter. Democracy doesn't live there anymore. Well, just until the crisis is over, if ever, or the people revolt, if ever.
French president Nicolas Sarkozy speaks of a confederate group of nations living beside a league of inner core Eurozone Federalists.
......”The truth is that we need to establish exactly the list of those who don't want to be part of the club and those who simply cannot be part." he said speaking to students in Strasbourg on Tuesday 8th Nov 2011.
Referring to the further enlargement of the EU, he said: "There are 27 of us. "Clearly, down the line... there will be 32, 33, 34 of us. No-one thinks that federalism, total integration, will be possible with 33, 34, or 35 states."
"Clearly," he added, "there will be a two-speed Europe: one speed that moves toward more integration in the Eurozone and one speed for a confederation in the EU."
DasGrup Frankfurt, a poster at Frankfurt train station points towards KaiserStrasse and the route to the ECB. 2011
But clearly, Commissioner Barroso is not in agreement and replied this week, “A split union, he said, will not work. Neither a union with an integrated core but a disengaged periphery; nor a union dominated by an unhealthy balance of power.”
A British from across the channel was dismayed ““I despair of the way in which EU leaders are constantly behind events. I do not think enough people realise how serious this crisis is, and how hard it is going to hit us. This is far worse than the banking crisis of 2008 in its seriousness and, if it is not solved by Christmas, I think the whole of the Eurozone will break up.”
And the Saxon Queen, who is the most powerful in the Frankfurt group commented this very same week in Berlin, “the situation in Europe has become unpleasant. It is time for a breakthrough to a new Europe. That will mean more Europe, not less Europe."
But it maybe very plausible for this French suggestion to actually work beyond the legal mess which will engulf it. Options are fast fading as power houses Italy, Spain and soon Belgium and France get cornered by the bonders.
In the mid eighties China's Deng Xiaoping took a great gamble. As a communist country with designs to unite democratic periphery territories, Deng introduced a one country, two systems policy. (Communism & Capitalism working side by side). Whereas the objectives for China at that time were political, judicial as well as financial, there are some similarities to Europe's present dilemma.
When the dust settles on this crisis Europe will look very different. One possible picture is a group of Confederate nations to include France herself as leader with the UK, possibly the southern part of Italy and those emerging from the meltdown. A two speed alliance working alongside the inner Eurozone core managed by Germania Magna, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark with a number of European Union Capital cities also tied to the Euro. Athens, Lisbon, Prague or Rome could be using the Euro while surrounding country sides could use the local currency.
The Confederate Nations of Europe should be able to survive politically with its partners, compete economically using two currencies and develop Art of Superstate Part IV. Vive l'art de l'etat-super