3 Nov 2011

Into the Whirlpool Goes the Ship of Fools: Panic in the EU

Down, down deeper and down into the Whirlpool sinks the EU crisis.

A Spectre stalks Europe looking for a new Depression  Oct. 2011
Europeans were told yesterday by a Brussels spokesperson that to leave the Euro was to leave Art of Superstate.  It was a sad and un-necessary outburst of anger at Greece from a commission losing its own credibility with Europe’s citizens.

Europe’s leadership is off to the Bric (Brazil, Russia, India & China) countries begging for assistance while fumbling in its own back garden over assistance to a small house member.

 Leaving the Euro is acceptable but expulsion from the Union by the commission is wholly un-acceptable. If that were to happen then Art of Superstate will invite its own nemesis and a place in the history books.

Trouble of the kind witnessed 80 years past is lurching closer. Unity is still strength. Greece must not be coerced into a resentful position to save Brussels pride. Brussels should acknowledge that the mood of citizens is fast shifting towards direct action, social unrest and possibly revolution.  Greek resistance is well documented.

It would pay the Brussels mandarins to think before they send a spokesperson to say the wrong thing.