31 May 2014

E.U. Crisis: Formation Lines Emerging After Skeptic Election Surge.

The De Facto “High Priestess” over Europe, Chancellor Merkel, endorses EU Federalist Jean Claude Juncker’s Commission presidency hopes. 

The Skeptic camp based in UK, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Netherlands and Sweden, have voiced opposition to his selection.

To them he is an unyielding candidate, totally dedicated to Brussels style Federalism at all costs.

Main contenders, Martin Schulz LF & Jean Claude Juncker  RT vie for  votes to be commission president.
Do the skeptics really care. Is it already over for them. Are the Federalists gonna forge ahead regardless and
re-create an EU out whats left. Europe just got interesting again. Main image: by European Parliament service.    

This internal election will be a second test to decide if Europe is about to split into ideological warring groups, dedicated to all out victory over reform.

Juncker declared his right to rule after the European Peoples Party won largest party, but not the most seats. In the recent parliamentary elections, his share of the take was 24% of the votes and 34% of the seats.

A pretty impressive number, even if it is a drop in party MEP’s.

However, there is no given right to rule, in the rule book! A slip of the tongue perhaps or perhaps a divinity, after all, this man is very used to ruling.

Many candidates will be eligible for the vote and consensus should prevail in the end. One would think so, but then Brussels is technocratic and opaque.

Oh Dear, may I raise my hand to ask for more!!!............. Europe is just so interesting these days.