15 Nov 2012

EU Crisis. United in Protest. Austerity is Non Grata

Austerity is declared non grata by the people. United in Diversity is now United in Protest. Europe has had enough of Brussels, its incompetence, its greed. Taboos are being smashed at the doors of Commission H.Q. on the Rue Archimede as protests stretch across 23 countries
From Madrid to Athens, Paris to Rome, Europeans are coming together. Swaths of society are no longer willing to lay down before the beast of burden.
Is it too soon to proclaim the Commission “Enemy of the People.”
Their crisis performance is dismal, inexperienced and most alarmingly devoid of any real responsibility for their failing actions. They simply are looking after jack and play the same old trick. Not me, didn't do it, wasn't there.     
Still not getting the message from the people. E.U. slogan changes from United in
 Diversity to United in Protest. picture Alessandra Ruiz Galdo Madrid  2012
Again for the 18th year in a row, auditors failed to sign off the EU budget. This year it was 112 billion Euros. “E.U. Financial management is not yet up to standard,” the auditors bemoaned.

Elected and democratic officials are alarmed at the growing sums of unaccountable funds from the E.U publicly funded purse. Brussels style is showing disrespect towards their fellow citizens. Yet for these people life's pretty honky dory down on Eurocracy Road. And what's more, the unemployed, the impoverished, the humiliated see this comfortable lifestyle and are not impressed.
Twenty three thousand staff support 27 commissioners in Brussels of whom hardly one commissioner is known to the average citizen in the union. But what citizens now know, is where to find the policy makers who introduced pain and wrecked people's dreams in order to save private banks.

Predictions are claiming austerity has hardly arrived in Europe and that it will be around for several years. It is a massive gamble to assume the outcome will be a forgiving Europe huddling together as one happy Superstate.