25 Jul 2012

Eurozone Pain in Spain: To Catch a Falling Star and Put It in A Bailout

An endgame at last for the beleaguered Eurozone in it current form. This patient, already in an intensive care unit since last year is beginning to respond to diagnostic treatment prescribed by an array of observers, critics, specialists and skeptics.

And, it's finally decision time for Greece, Spain, Italy and France. Options are clear. You can stay in the club but under German leadership and German rules or leave the Eurozone, devalue and become more competitive.

 An endgame at last for Stars of the Eurozone drama. How it is played out
 we must wait for the last act.  2012 & London 1973
Can Spain stomach a full blown bailout. Can it sell the humiliation which goes with Troika stomping through Madrid. Can Rome and Paris secede power to the new powerful bankers who just last year were arrogantly flicking champagne over citizen protesters as they marched down Wall Street. Can French music drown out the jokes and the smug laughter of victorious technocrats clicking their fingers to demand how high French officials jump.

Not an accurate analysis I know. However, this is how it will all be perceived during the technocrat occupation of Madrid, Paris or Rome. There is also the possibility the Troika will be lucky to make it from the airport to the hotel in one piece.

The situation is almost clear. It's a new concert from when Greece leaves. Who dances with Germany down the line must be sure they know their steps in keeping up with the tempo. Who leaves the Eurozone must speed up reforms towards securing efforts to rejoining the zone. Or, sit and watch sullenly from the benches while a new Euro super-core waltz its way to dizzy heights.