19 Jun 2012

E.U. Crisis: Commission Capo Lectures Nobody on How not to Lecture the Commission.

President Barroso and his Commission democratically represents....well, Nobody.....However, Barroso took on a role at the G20 to tell the world they should not lecture... “we,” I presume he means the 27,on democracy or the handling of the economy.

Nobody is listening to
President Barroso at the G20 2012
“In Europe we are open democracies”....he said....”but frankly we are not coming here to receive lessons in terms of democracy or in terms of how to handle the economy because the European Union as a model can be very proud of......we are certainly not coming here to receive lessons from Nobody.

The president should listen to the storm of cries from citizens shouting for him and his commission to dissolve and leave democracy and the economy where it belongs....with the people. And who will cry for their departure.....well Nobody of course.