5 Feb 2012

WikiLeaks: Assange & Manning Trials: Apache Apache #2

America is a heavy hitter in all respects. Concerning all disciplines practised in the free world we get an abundance of input form Uncle Sam. This is especially true for the Art of War. Does America care anymore if it wins or loses the small wars it engages. Win or lose the odd regional conflict or mission, it matters little. It will not change American lives. The vast military complex which supports US dominance of the world spends enormous amounts of funds each year. More than ten times the rest of the world combined.
Of course the US army can beat anyone it wishes, if it so wished at any cost. But it doesn't. Iraq and Afghanistan have been exercise yards for the military to spend the budget and maintain an opposition fit enough to justify continuing with the defence budget Never clear the desk completely. Always leave a little bit to do for the next day.
Professional military standards for this policy need to be highly maintained. American and European peoples would revolt against this wanton use of monies for useless and often non productive campaigns if the army was to get out of control and defame and corrupt values of decency we all share or aspire to share.
WikiLeaks Trials: The video which shocked the world. Innocent civilians including children were gunned down from an attack helicopter. The video, reminiscent of a computer game, brought US military standards into disrepute. The whistle blower Bradely Manning and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange are put through due process. Picture 2012. 
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Keeping the pressure on a huge operation such as the US army to capture and hold the moral high ground is essential and can come easier form within. Whistle blowing is good for democracy and good for army public relations even if it exposes the vilest and worst behaviour of human nature in warfare. That's what war is really about. Controlling worst of human nature. Better trained armies leave better legacies after the fight is over. Especially when money, trade and influence is involved. War is a business just like everything else. Always has been. America has a global war company employing hundreds of thousands. America should view its whistle blowers as valuable contributors to policing the standards of professional and honourable conduct rather than Court Marshall them as traitors.