8 Feb 2012

Syria Uprising: Russia and China Strengthen Authoritarian Military Bloc

For whom power doth crush #2. Asma al Assad seals her fate as a pawn
in a wider power struggle. 2011

By vetoing the U.N. motion condemning savage bombardment of Homs city by Syrian dictator Bashar Assad, Russia and China opened a second front line against the advance of the Democracy movement towards the vast Asian Authoritarian Military Bloc. 

Moscow, Beijing, Tehran, Pyongyang and others fear democracy and citizen's freedom to criticise and protest. They are simply not ready to concede to their citizens what we take for granted in the free world.

In unbelievable candour over such authoritarian privilege the London Times reported on an email sent to the paper by Asma al Assad, wife of the man who thinks its normal to send rockets, tanks and murder teams to massacre Syrian citizens. 

The letter describes her support for her husbands regime. She endorses his actions to suppress the uprising which began as a peaceful protest demanding democracy. She approves indiscriminate killing of men women and children without accusation or trial. Asma al Assad is British born and knows very well the values of human rights over wrong.

Cleopatra fled to Syria where she raised
an army triggering a civil war.

Authoritarians who gain power are always afraid to lose it. By breaking her silence over the 11months unrest she places her allegiance with the Assad inner circle and the delusion of grandeur which accompanies dictators who defend themselves against the country's own citizens.

There will be no trial for Asma and her family, no court of justice. Just the same fate as other dictators wives. Overwhelmed and disposed off by popular evolutionary revolution.

Asma al Assad must realise Syria is now a pawn caught up in a wider struggle pitching democratic West against authoritarian East       

Should Syria's first lady have a change of heart as pleaded by the Times in its response to her letter she may have only one option, to take her own life as a protest against her husband's own suicidal pact with catastrophe. An end fitting to a tale from Roman antiquity.