29 Feb 2012

The Irish Referendum: Democracy Fights Back: Austerity on Trial.

Lets face it, this is not going to be billed as “the Mother of all Referendums.” In fact it's a Welterweight bout. Firstly, nothing about this one rounder will change the issue of the December 2011 fiscal treaty. That's a done deal. Guaranteed to go ahead.
"So Glad I'm on this Side of the Fence"......"Yea, This is Where All the Action Is, Right"
Proletariats together, speak-out and share what they had left in the wake of their
Revolution in 1990. Elitist Nomenklature were ostracised and vilified in the process.
Picture: From the series, Post Communism: Bulgarian Black Sea 1990.

 No! This is a judgement. A peoples examination board. A review on Superstate's performance over its first major test. Did it work well. Did it lead well. Did it support its citizens well. Did it make us proud to be part of “Dimension” Art of Superstate.”

Superstate will join the debate. The E.C.B (European Central Bank, Frankfurt) opened the response to the referendum (Peoples Jury) by creating 500 billion Euros of Q.E.2 (new money from thin air). This is on top of another 500 billion printed last December. Will it work. We don't know. What we do know is if people don't work there is no real money.

Austerity is on trial. The debates commence to assess European leadership and their medicine. Austerity needs a check-up just as European institutions need to shed some flab (greed) which has brought Western society to a standstill.