22 Feb 2012

E.U. Crisis: Superstate in Peril: Democratic Media Turns on Troika. Backlash #3

Analytic minds from London to Tokyo to New York point towards a Greek exit from the Euro. They suggest a tailored Marshal plan to help re-structure the country over a long time frame. It happened before in Europe. But this advice is ignored by the EU leadership. Pride and Prejudice blur the vision and chilled the heart. They never accept an error of judgement and now they are caught between a rock and a hard place.

And insofar as it is their job to comment on such matters, the democratic media turns on the E.U. The signs are glaring. The EU project “Dimension” Art of Superstate” crossed the line they say, and is in real danger of being declared “Enemy of the People.”

Fortunes of War: Poverty returns to A Balkan Trilogy. Picture 1993 Post Communism
Greece now looks to the rest of the world like a defeated and occupied country. It signs Declarations of Austerity to the Financial Warlords of Banking. The conditions imposed to remain locked inside the Euro prison camp resemble War reparations towards a victorious conquering leadership.

The Guardian called this weeks Athens summit: “An E fuelled hallucination”.( E= Euro not E= Ecstasy) http://tinyurl.com/7xa37hg. The Daily Telegraph declared: “This is a recipe, not for stability, but for revolution.” http://tinyurl.com/78734r4
Social Europe headlined: “There Will be Blood” http://tinyurl.com/88dursa

And Germany's Der Spiegel suggested : "EU leaders should channel the aid into rebuilding the economy rather than rewarding financial speculators for their high-risk deals."http://tinyurl.com/7rlz7hr
Greece made mistakes. Who hasn't in Europe. It spent “spondulicks” like there was no tomorrow. That tomorrow is now today. How it is played out will shape the next tomorrow and that tomorrow may very well belong to nationalists and patriots. Money is just money...You print the stuff...like Banks do always.........or make it up out of thin air.....like Banks did recently......You punish common citizens for the mistakes of Banks...Never... Unless you wish to be declared “Enemy of the People.”