10 Dec 2011

Merkozy summit outcomes. Die Rechnung Beginnt. Then there was 26 plus 1

Federal States 17: Eurozone Euroins
Confederate Nations of Europe 1: United Kingdom
Don't Knows 9: Hungary, Poland, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and the Czech Republic must consult their parliaments.
Friday 5am, Dec 2011 France's President Sarkozy marched out of negotiations declaring Britain had for the first time ever, vetoed a new treaty. Chancellor Angela Merkel followed saying "I really don't believe David Cameron was ever with us at the table." The 26, led by the Saxon Queen and her Parisian enforcer, will go it together and the U.K. will go it alone. “Dimension” Art of SuperState part 3 is born.
FiskalAnschlussWoche (fiscal union week) provided a gambit for France and Germany to chase the Grand Master Euroskeptic back home across the channel and to the unregulated City the Chancellor perceives as a root cause of the financial banking crisis.
“Bye Bye England” Europa macht ohne euch weiter! Cameron becomes the first to join into the Confederate Nations of Europe.
Fiscal Union Week.  Friday 9thDecember 2011 is a defining day in the chapters of European Union history. A moment of clarity. A day when Europe's nations came closer to Jean Monnet's and Robert Schuman's vision of Federal political union.
And Schism; the the moment United Kingdom walked away and became, the first member of the Confederate Nations of Europe.
Two Options, Two Decisions , One Europe to Save.
Angela Merkel hailed the agreement as a "Breakthrough toward the stability union, a fiscal union which will be implemented, step by step, over the next few years. Like all the rest of us, Great Britain depends on a stable Eurozone. We're all in the same boat." 
But bitter winds from Northern Europe blow resentment through SuperState. “Bye Bye England” Europa macht ohne euch weiter! (Europe goes on without you) reads a German popular headline. Cameron returns to his Conservative party and a hero's welcome in the British tabloid press.
For chroniclers surveying our times, all is not well with the outcome in Brussels. Some observers point to past tragic history. "Europe has returned to the stereotypes of the postwar years. The ugly German is back …..writes Berlin's Der Spiegel.
Others declare the eurozone will split. They say the traditional Brussels elite is being challenged by a new breed of anti-EU populists and that the European commission is despised and ignored by Paris and Berlin.
Ministers and officials are equally pessimistic.... “We face 10 years of austerity with grim German schoolmasters rapping everyone else over the knuckles.......when all this austerity hits the real economy, it will be bleak with unemployment going up.........the recession we have now entered is the first 'made in Europe' recession since 1993...........the Euro crisis has already taken a significant toll on the European economy. If things continue to worsen the toll could be huge”.....ends....
........and that icy wind blowing from the North will cover the land as a hard Winter tells its tale.........