11 Dec 2011

Merkozy summit outcomes: Der Wochenende Kater. Pass Not Judgement on a Prodigal Son.

The Landscape changes for the Euro and
Europe project. Frankfurt 2011
Reports out of London, this hangover weekend, suggest Cameron acted to support the unchained and rampant elements in the Financial City who gave us this crisis in the first place. Be this true, then he will face much criticism and possible defeat. However, regardless of this important parliamentary matter, U.K. citizens still need to manage their redefined relationship with fellow Europeans. There will be reckless and selfish calls for Britain to leave the E.U.
To leave the EU must be an individual act of conscience. An act decided through the democratic process of one person one vote. It must apply regionally within the United Kingdom. For if it is the wish of citizens living in Scotland and Northern Ireland to remain within the European Union then their wish should be respected.   

This would effectively mean the break-up of the United Kingdom.....A nice thought for some....But, should the Merkozy Federal States falter for any reason, deliberate or not, then the British Isles, without providing an alternative route, will betray our nations to a century of European political obscurity. The Confederate Nations of Europe can be Europe's safeguard against Eurozone failure. After all who will deny the return of a prodigal son or daughter to the house of prosperity.

There may be a lot of huffing and puffing over this "Long December Night in Brussels." But reality remains the same. Europeans need solutions not divisions. Europeans need a future, not only a past. Europeans need constructive discipline and democratic reassurances. This is not mission impossible for Berlin, London and Paris.