8 Dec 2011

Merkozy Summit, Marseille, No Sunshine for Cameron

The "Devilish Merkozy Duo," as they have been dubbed in many capitals, “can do whatever the hell they like.”
The British position at the Merkozy summit in Brussels seems isolated. Leader Cameron says he will scupper any treaty which harms British interests. Meaning, the very people and practices which caused the crisis in the first place.
David Cameron may have bitten off more than he
 can chew. Europeans are doing it for themselves. 
Picture Dec 2011 
We have only a few weeks to save the Euro and, have the impression that some actors still haven't recognized the seriousness of the situation," said a senior German government official in Berlin , Wednesday.       
Sarkozy declared in Marseille Thursday, “Never has Europe been so necessary. Never has it been in so much danger, Never have so many countries wanted to join Europe. Never has the risk of a disintegration of Europe been so great. Europe is facing an extraordinarily dangerous situation. The diagnosis is that we have a few weeks to decide because time is working against us. If we aren't in agreement on this, I fear that we won't be able to agree on anything. That's the analysis."
Wow! Haven't some observers been saying this for quite some time now..................
The German chancellor said it was time to put aside national egos and national interest. but smaller nations have complained they're being forced to follow the agenda of Germany and France with very little room for discussion.
"The Führer has requested our presence," quipped an enraged diplomat recently. The rather rude comment followed attempts by Merkel's EU policy adviser to gain backing for Germany's position.
Throughout the crisis, many of the core Eurozone members have been greatly irritated by the British Conservative party's gloating satisfaction (Schadenfreude) with the UK's decision not to join the Euro.
German and French leaders are not optimistic of finding agreement among the 27 nations of the EU. “If negotiations break down then we will have a treaty for the 17 members of the eurozone. Coherence isn't everything,” said Sarkozy, “but in political life it counts. The situation is serious, the Euro could explode and Europe unravel. That would be a catastrophe not only for Europe and France, but for the world.”
Should the eurozone go ahead with a separate treaty that leaves out the non-Euro countries,” . Cameron explained, “then clearly that is not a treaty that Britain would be signing or would be amending.” But France and Germany have already made it clear that they will go ahead with their plans for the Eurozone without regard to the interests of Britain.
Britain tonight Thursday looks to be in a poor position to defend its interests at the summit.
Meanwhile back home, there are mounting calls for Cameron to make good his promise to hold a referendum on any proposed European treaty changes. With much of Britain in the anti-Europe camp, the nein danke side would most certainly prevail. No one said it was going to be easy........