6 Dec 2011

FiskalAnschlußWoche. The Financial Policing Vereinigung Kicks Off in Earnest.

Oh Lordy, hear my prayer and grant my wish for FiskalAnschlußWoche. The media is in such a flurry this week over the Friday summit. “Dimension” the Art of Superstate is in a panic. Or is it! Didn't anyone tell you there is no accident in politics, If there is you can bet it is planned that way............President Roosevelt

Stripped, punishments, exclusions, inclusions, drastic actions, exceptional powers, disintegrate, unprecedented intrusion, discipline, fundamental erosion, sinner states, reward,
scare tactic, commit, partial break-up, Europe’s misadventure. Words peppering the news this week.....
On a bed of nails she makes me wait.......And you give yourself away......... with or with out you I can live........
France & Germany call a summit to shape Europe's direction. It is the great and famous FiskalAnschlußWoche
Picture Frankfurt 2011

The Euro crisis that began in Greece almost two years ago, ensnaring Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Italy now threatening France and Germany, has mutated into a European moment of direction.

Fiskalunion” is now a real option. A progress born of the latest turmoil. And, one managed to produce such a scenario. This week is the deadline for Euro ins to stake their claim to Federal direction. There is hardly anymore panic left in the system to exploit, Disaster will be averted at the last moment. Austerity and Union will be seen to be attainable. But not all citizens will play this game of family re-union.

Federal Europe is off to a shaky start. Damage has been done to confidence over the past two years. Brussels is clearly incapable of winning respect from all citizens with its intrusive laws, endless fines and punishments. Although power is shifting to central bankers, the Merkozy alliance and the Confederate Nations of Europe, it will still be a summit of historic proportions. Lets hope they remember the song.
You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, well you just might find you get what you need.........rolling stones.......