1 Dec 2011

Easy Street Traffic Diverted to Austerity Avenue. Central Bankers Seize Crisis Management from Governments.

The news buzzing in downtown Europe this Thursday Dec 1 2011 is Easy Street traffic is being diverted to Austerity Avenue. The sign reads... repairs to sub structures to get started in earnest. These upgrades include moves to significantly reduce Western living standards. Many observers say these plans have been in place for quite some time. If Illuminate (banker elites) foot soldier defectors are to be believed ( a dodgy concept) the crash was orchestrated a decade ago. The next announcement according to the defectors is to reduce population numbers to steady living standards globally. Good reading if you like conspiracy.
Dutch citizens enjoy the easy life on the Hague's Scheveningen beach 2011,
not far from the prison where convicts of the International criminal court are housed.

But the fact is, global power has just made an inexorable and relentless shift from democracy towards the technocrat Masters of the Universe. Money power back in the driving seat. Central banks are controlling bond market moods while governments impotently watch from the wings; having forgotten their lines and suffering stage fright. The bankers are now an Ad hoc political committee, while politicians get new roles as office clerks. (G & T, that's a good chappie, shaken not stirred).

The United Kingdom this week entered another Winter of Discontent, last seen in 1978. A discontent which may turn to a decade of resentment. And a resentment, which will spawn the seeds for a democratic backlash. To manage the world through a financial steering committee using policies of mass instruction (where individuals matter none) for the well being of future individuals is contradictory.

This re-routing of society into Austerity Avenue is about saving the financial industry at all costs. An industry based on gambling and creating virtual money from debt and worthless insurance instruments. An industry which has failed to serve and protect society. Was it ever meant to. When democracy fights back and fight back it will. Power will shift again. But in what direction. Only time will tell.