27 Nov 2011

One Small Step for Angela Merkel; One Giant Leap for Europe.

November 27thDispatches from the month that was. Two leaders, Two views. One Europe to save.

“Europe is in one of its toughest, perhaps the toughest hour since World War Two,” said Angela Merkel in the city of Leipzig. "The Euro is the symbol of unification. It is the symbol for half a century of freedom and peace....now we have to make sure that Europe will emerge strengthened from this crisis. If the Euro fails then Europe fails, and we want to prevent and we will prevent this, this is what we are working for.
Irish problems are Slovak problems, Greek problems are Dutch problems and Spanish problems are our problem,” Merkel said. “Our responsibility does not end at our borders.”
A breakthrough in the crisis will be achieved not by less Europe, but more. The task of our generation now is to complete the economic and currency union in Europe and step by step, create a political union we never managed to build in the '90s. It's time for a breakthrough to a new Europe.”

Left: A time of crisis in West Belfast. A youth leaps away from a burnt out car. Fast forward and a visitor from the Basque Country sees a different view.   
These are times of change. Assumptions are collapsing. Fears about Europe’s future are understandably intense.” Warned David Cameron at the Mayor's banquet in London. Think how the European Union looks to those watching. A source of alarm and crisis.
The Second World War gave birth to the European Union. But for me, 1989 is the key date, when Europe tore down the Iron Curtain and came together. Democratic nations working together across our continent.
How out of touch the EU has become. It’s the pointless interference, rules and regulations that stifles growth. There is a real sense that the EU is somehow an abstract end in itself, immune from developments in the real world.
It does not have to be like this. Out of crisis can come opportunity if Member States are ready to grasp it. Now is the chance to ask: what kind of Europe do we actually want. The answer is clear.
One with the flexibility of a network, (Confederate Nations of Europe) not the rigidity of a bloc (Federal Nations of Europe)......... whose institutions help by strengthening its members to thrive in a vibrant world, rather than holding them back.” …..dispatches ends......
Two Leaders. Two options. One solution. A two way Europe working in tandem. A choice and means to full fill destiny. The ultimate goal is unity but unity can come in different arrangements. A forced marriage is no marriage as we know too well.
It is time to ask the people in April 2012...what kind of Europe do you want. You have the choice to join either option according to your convictions. A Confederate Network or A Federal Union with a means to opt in and out in future elections. The step must come from Berlin with London's support if we all are to make a giant leap for Europe.