17 Nov 2011

Into the Whirlpool: Europe at the Crossroads, Berlin or London that is the Question.

A meeting in Berlin Friday 18th November 2011 will decide the nature and shape of Art of Superstate for the coming years if not decades. If reports are to be believed and there is reason to doubt the sources, mainly the British and German press whose job it is to inform the people, then democracy is on the block. There is also no doubt that today's crop of politicians have good intentions for Europe. But give democracy away and it is hard to get back.

Having seen the direct results of communism, politically and economically its is frightening to hear the attitudes of the mandarins and financial inner circles hoping to take power over Europe's future. That's right Take Power not win or represent but take power without proper consultation.
The Brussels unelected elite want to shape Europe in a fashion managed by unelected elite. Europe's future is to be decided by this unelected in time of crisis. But when do they decide a crisis is over. Have we ever known the world not to be falling apart.

From the series November Berlin 1989.
Cameron and Merkel meet 22yr later in Berlin to decide
if new walls are to be placed between their peoples.
The German chancellor, Angela Merkel, has called for a stronger political union to overcome the debt crisis, which she called "maybe Europe's most difficult hours since world war two. A breakthrough will be achieved not by less Europe, but more." she declares.

But the nice Saxon Queen must take her people with her and those who willingly wish to follow.

In London Mr Cameron said the EU was out of touch and must reform or it would remain “in peril.” He called for less European integration.

If the whole political establishment is about to disappear into a windowless room in Brussels discussing things that no one understands, it means absolutely nothing to millions of ordinary people who are worried about their jobs, worried about economic security, worried about prospects for their children,” he said.

But Mr Cameron must tell his people what it means to desert Europe at this hour of need. These two leaders must agree to support the ideals of Confederate Nations of Europe while offering hope to the Federalists for a core Eurozone. If they cannot agree they will split Europe along pro and anti democratic factions. This would be disastrous for Europe and the world.

At some point there has to be a Europe wide referendum to offer the people the choice to go euro in or euro out, how to manage the system and who will do it. The unelected,  the voice of the people or a bit of both. November Berlin 1989. "It was all done in the name of the people."