1 Nov 2011

Art of Superstate: What a Difference a Month Makes

Oct 29 2011 Occupy movement spreads  to capitals over 
US & Europe. Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland.
Last month Art of Superstate slipped into the Whirlpool. Down, down and down it goes. As it sinks to rock bottom, side line events are shaping future battle lines. For Citizens of the Arab Spring, the Eurozone and the newly created Euro exclusion group Occupy, Death to Gaddafi and the first Eurozone Summit was history and leadership.

Occupy is a citizen’s movement in the making, a reaction to authority and the shortcomings of Greed and Banking amorality. In fine form, Christian churches in London closed their doors to the new poor. Wall Street employees flicked champagne over concerned protesting Americans beneath them. To those who think Democracy is week the message is clear. For whom, Power doth Crush. http://tv.globalresearch.ca/2011/09/wall-street-mocks-protesters-drinking-champagne

Oct 26 2011-A summit to provide the basis
 for a Euro Zone members club.   
Oct 21 2011-Gaddafi is unceremoniously executed.

Syrians won strength with Libyan revolutionary success. For Bashar Assad his murderous brother and inner circle, the present era of Dictators is over. Killing Gaddafi was wholly justified. A means to justify the end.

Greece announces a referendum over centrally imposed austerity directing the country towards all out social unrest. Such a referendum will allow Greece to exit the Euro Zone and join the new group of “Euro Outcasts” where countries float freely to adjust economic and political aberrations. It remains to be seen if the Outcasts & the Euroins can suspend political squabbling for joint leadership over the Art of Superstate.

Art of SuperState must not be afraid to test all options vital to its survival. What Angela Merkel and Nicolas Sarkozy produced was correct, even, if it falters at insurmountable hurdles and trials ahead. The summit shows a willingness to lead and to try available routes. Courage is rewarded. Inaction is not an action which wins kudos for Art of Superstate or from its citizens.

The Whirlpool is deep and dangerous. Recession hovers on the near horizon. Challenges are great and inspiring. Days ahead are indeed interesting times.