10 Sep 2011

E.U.Crisis: Eurozone Break-up commences. Cracks in European solidarity widen.

The Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte  has suggested the core vanguard group dubbed FANGs (Finland, Austria, Netherlands & Germans) should get powers to knock around the PIIGS club kicking them out of the Eurozone if they don’t play ball. Whether or not this was thought up all by himself is not so relevant.  What is relevant is Dimension: the Art of Superstate is failing.

A coffee shop in Mark Rutte’s home town Leiden,
 a venue for some to chill out in times of stress.
Insults are now being traded. Rutte’s plan and the outburst  of Guenther Oettinger who said flags of the "fiscal sinners" should be put at half mast outside EU buildings got a laugh from the PIIGS.  Although some might put this parlance down to what the Dutch refer to as Cucumber Time similar to the British Silly Season there is an underlying sinister tone to it all.
Does Mr Rutte extend this courtesy to mess countries about to his own Netherlands or even to Germany should they fall on future hard times, or is it only an Us and Them one way offer.
 It is also relevant that the British are now openly discussing distancing themselves from this type of nonsense.
P.M. Mark Rutte should apologise or at least clarify his objectives. If he doesn’t he should step aside as leader of a country once fabled for its tolerance and Socialist principles.