12 Sep 2011

E.U. Crisis: Weg.de: Exit through the Parthenon, Anticipation included for last minute Greek flight.

Speculation is rampant across Europe Greece is about to Exit through the Parthenon.

Officials are making it clear the game is over and the only thing that matters now is saving the rump core vanguard known as The Fang Gang  (Finland, Austria, Netherlands and Germany).

A bitter pill for the Federalists and a clear win for those who see Europe as a Confederacy of Nation states.

The rot set in by allowing Banks to call the shots for their reckless casino playing.  

Now it’s the banks who are about to take a super hit from Greece. A victory for common sense. A well planned retaliatory ambush Or a complete defeat for Europe’s leadership. Citizens confidence in those elected and appointed to steer the ship is almost over.

I'm a German, get me outta here. Eurozone tilts on the brink of a bigger crisis as Greece looks for an Exit through the Parthenon. picture Frankfurt 2011

What we are left with is a setback to European goals. A setback which will claim some scalps but to many they are expendable.
This crisis was perceived by some as an opportunity for more Union. It was presented by Federalists as a chance more Europe can will be forged from any crisis. However the Federalists miscalculated  their ability to control the financial Bond markets, the superguns of money and financial power while underestimating the backlash of an angry  populace.

The real question is will there be an orderly evacuation onto the lifeboats when the Euro ship hits the iceberg.  Can RMS Carpathia be ready this time. There is no reason to doubt the collective ability of those who put reality before ideology.