9 Sep 2011

9/11 Review: Seraphim Visions of a Crusader.

Lone Star Rising: It was surprising to see the National Geographic  George Bush interview advertised in Dutch language and in Dutch cities. Especially as it was unlikely it would get many if any viewers. An exercise in excuses for the man perhaps! However 2.6 million Americans tuned in to listen.  
The Bush legacy is not one to be proud of. It is a shameful reflection on how a great country was betrayed by lone Crusader who professed to defend it and its people. In fact,  American was devalued by the Bush “War on Terror.” 
The war resulted in the exposure of a society confused about its role within the global order. Ten years after the declaration of the 10th Crusade, America  is riddled with internal remorse over the actions of those politicians elected and appointed to champion its social and political achievements.  And, in whose name they perfected the practice of torture to the very limits of acceptance.
 Despite this sinister approval of torture by the Neo- Cons and the then White House War machine, doors have  opened for those with intellectual honesty to come forward and speak out against  wrongs during  “The War on Terror.”
Bush and the Neo-Cons, moved with astonishing immediacy to engage the “ War on Terror”  ignoring all warning pitfalls about an ill advised military adventure . The Crusader army moved fast. But fighting for God is not the same as fighting for Wealth. The Neo-Cons made sure their companies and their interests were well taken care of.
The distress caused became uncontrollable and resulted in moral corruption and the loss of humane passion towards each other.
Advertising billboard in Leiden for the National Geographic Bush interview
Baroness Manningham-Buller,  chief of MI5 during the “War on Terror” recently said it was a question of ethics and morality…. "It is a sadness and worse the previous government of our great ally, the United States, chose to waterboard some detainees”….. “Torture is illegal in our national law and international law. It is wrong and never justified...."

It is ofen said victory can be secured not by those who inflict the most but often by those who suffer the most. This is very true of the victims of 9/11.  Their victory was betrayed by the Bush torture programme.
The Neo-Cons may have won the lion’s share of the $3 trillion spent on the “War on Terror” but history will give first place to the Hermes of communication, integration and universal knowledge.
It must be bitter for the Neo-Cons to watch the success of unarmed People Power across the Arab Spring eclipse the massive firepower of the military complex. “People Power” epitomises the spirit of present time in human achievement not Torture.  
“Either we all live in a decent world, or nobody does , the whole idea of revenge and punishment is a childish day-dream. Properly speaking, there is no such thing as revenge. Revenge is an act which you want to commit when you are powerless and because you are powerless:  As soon as the sense of impotence is removed, the desire evaporates also.” Revenge is Sour" by George Orwell , 9th November 1945