26 Aug 2011

Street Art News,London Looting: Stealing is Not Ok Unless it’s Street Art

David Cameron follows the tradition of Street Artists Bansky, Fairey
and Mr Brainwash in discussing the ethics of stealing.
Street Art’s heisting of photography for its use regardless of authorship or copyright can only bring good news to the medium. Which medium…photography stupid….I mean where would we be today if photography was not available to illustrate the political statements of Street Artists such as Bansky, Fairey and the great master El Brainwash himself. Stealing photographic images for the sake of making a Street Art point is now mainstream boredom. The Communication Society is mutating and forming a revolution were  real time knowledge is a growing power. It is notable British P.M. David Cameron wanted to stifle social media on an emotional whim just to make a point. It is also notable he changed his mind on reflection about stealing free speech and how instant communication can save lives.
Downing street has been accused many times of looting wealth from other nations.  So when it comes to stealing we have to accept no one has a monopoly on it. The best of it is done through the use of noble causes.
It is always time to address the causes which lead to these actions and not just repeatedly  and excessively punish the symptoms. Courts shudder at the prospect...sic..