13 Aug 2011

E.U. Crisis: Berlin Wall: 50 years later Berlin again is at the Crossroads

The symbolic Berlin Wall in November 1989.
 I remember the city's energy purring like a baby lioness. 
After this weeks launch of one of the biggest recession in modern times, Europe is again at the crossroads. It faces an unimaginable mountain to climb. Not just the big pile of money which frankly, is of lesser importance next to the social disorder waiting in the wings. Should the money problem be put first before the welfare of citizens then Europe is in bigger trouble than it cares to admit.

Look out for the only two options open to Europe and the creation of Art of Superstate part 3.

1, Closer union and the spreading of wealth and debt. (with lots of problems and work to be done)

2, Two speed Europe with Germania Magna leading the Core Vanguard over the catch -up Med Club.
   ( the easy option and one to end the dreams of Jean Monet and Robert Suchman).

The big question is will Superstate's citizens have a say and will their wishes be respected. Berlin is at the heart of Europe. Mistakes have been made there in the past. Now Germany has position and  power to lead Europe with approval. Has Berlin the will...............................