15 Jun 2011

To Boldly Go: The End of Homo Sapiens and the Creation of Homo Superior

God is declared dead. Now as species, we can turn attentions to our own managed future.

For all the memory we collectively possess, and that isn’t a lot, we know that human nature is a circular journey to be repeated over and over again. Technological advancement however is a linear process. This process is now so rapid we are frightening ourselves with our own capabilities. Think ICBMs , chemical and biological stuff, voodoo DNA manipulation etc and you get an idea of how much the genie is out of the bottle.
Is it all bad news. Well yes if it is controlled by egotistical dictators and extremists hell bent on reversing the clock to medieval status for an us and them society.
And no, if the age of enlightenment continues to supply the benefits of strengthened democracy and limits to the personal ambitions of those who have no regards for the well being of others.

In the short future, just as homo sapiens said cheerio to Neanderthal man and other cousins, then the time of homo sapiens is drawing to a conclusion.
Humanity’s Atheist Future. A new improved species for a new improved world. “Ideas are more important than knowledge.” Picture Posting, The Hague, June 2011
It all has to do with the genie and voodoo stuff I mentioned. Why take a chance with homo sapiens when we can create homo superior by speeding up a process which will happen naturally. Controlled to mirror values espousing human dignity, modern technology offers a door to a future where we can rise above the endless need to hate and destroy each other. A behavioral component most likely essential to homo sapiens character. Why else would we do it.

Moving into the evolutionary fast lane we can surpass our outdated genes and addictions. Evolution can create abilities to conquer our natural predators. Epidemic disease, virus, disorganization, apathy and poverty.

Present time leaders should endevour to managed destiny until we are ready to bury homo sapiens. Refraining to war with ourselves and attacking our cultural and ethnic diversity, while upholding our faith as an evolving species and our future existance within the beautiful universe.

And the timeframe for this transgression to homo superior . If a thousand years is too long or too short one thing is for sure, thinking about it means the process has commenced. “Thus Spoke Zarathustra.”