27 Jun 2011

Greek Stairway to E.U. Superstate or Goddess Eris: Looking for leadership, Seeing the Enemy

It is the year 2011. Her name is Eris

Some Greeks say she reigns in Berlin. 
  I am walking in heaven, on the stairway to Discordia, Ruin and Revolution. Dear Goddess, please help me.
When a democratically elected government becomes your enemy you have a powerful weapon to fight it with. The weapon of free choice to decide your peers at an election.
This is the pillar which holds up society above dictatorship. Once choice is removed by rulers, people's trust follows out the door and soon struggle looks inevitable to restore freedom.

The Europe project was designed and created to banish internal wars and conflicts of varying natures. The project is now becoming a focus of hate. An opaque institution riddled with business interest using financial means to gain economic and eventually political control. The means justifies the end, even if it hurts the lives and future of those it is meant to serve and protect. It seems money is more important than people. Was it ever any different since the first raiding party took the road to the tribe next door.

Five long years of economic hardship is to be imposed on a democratic people by an unelected faceless financial bureaucracy . This is how many Europeans will see the outcome of this weeks crucial Greek parliamentary vote, if it goes through, if gets implemented and if it doesn't provoke a massive violent backlash on the streets of Athens and beyond.

Van Rompuy's talk of his new "palace" offered a perfect excuse for Cameron to court popularity at home by attacking a Europe with its head still stuck in the clouds
 Already the legions of unemployed youth are massing along the southern flank of the E.U. for a response to more, more and more. Their older leaders have deserted them but new ones will be cultivated on the streets, bars and cafés in Lisbon, Madrid, Barcelona, Naples, Rome and Athens.
For an unemployed youth generation, disobedience and revolution is a necessary obligation.
Five years hard, is a sentence dished out to serious criminals, terrorist combatants, political prisoners and now seemingly to be meted out to innocent civilians en mass for the wrongs of bankers and politicians. A group of insiders who have mostly escaped free, bar mild rebuke, from the crisis they provoked. Bankers in bed with politicians to line their pockets is the classic gift to a revolutionary cause.

Citizens are now to be forced fed the lie they are the true cause of this crisis, that they and not their leaders are to blame for the world standing on the brink of another crisis. The blame is shifting to the poor to carry the can or be dammed as the ones who destroyed society. They are the greedy lot who are now getting their comeuppance, even though they had little or no say in the running of private banks and investment bodies who gambled and lost.

In short they are being criminalised if they refuse to accept a sentence of Five Hard.What criminal ever came out of prison with nothing but hatred for those who put them inside.This a gambit on how far the establishment can push citizens before there is a backlash. Quo Bono from this move.

It has been suggested Brussels can win by offering to ease the victim's hardship sentence if the victim acquiesces to more Brussels control over them, more Europe, more togetherness, more stability and less say in self determination for Europe's tribes. Maybe a good thing in the long run.

Superstate was born in 1999. Now 2011 it demands nourishment. But a Superstate demanding supper from the twists of strong arm tactics over protesting citizens who are its own family, creates the reason d'etre of its own destruction.
This is a time when citizens survey the road ahead for true leadership. They can't see leadership, can't find leadership, it just isn't there, just isn't there. Only see the enemy.