30 Jun 2011

Greek Crisis: Union Blues: A morning in the European Union of Discontent.

0953 Protesters have been urging MPs to reject the package, shouting, "Don't bow your heads, the only way is resistance!"
0956 tweets: Quite rightly the people of #Greece do not want to pay for a debt not caused by them. Make the banks pay! #solidarity
emails: The Greek people are upset because of the injustice of being robbed of their pensions and savings.
1130 Clouds of tear gas are billowing around the square in front of parliament
1134 BBC News A group of demonstrators who were in front of the parliament building suddenly surged at the barricade at which point a volley of tear gas and stun grenades was fired by the police.
Emails: the parliament and its members will most probably be arrested and charged with treason.
1139 BBC News More and more riot police are now streaming out from behind the parliament building, wearing their gas masks, wearing their helmets, carrying their shields.
emails: Good luck to the Greek revolutionaries.
1203 BBC News Protesters have been seen throwing rocks and molotov cocktails.
1204 BBC News The anger of the crowd is intense and it's a very different atmosphere from yesterday . This time it feels like the whole crowd feels angry with the police.
1221 tweets: Been massively teargassed - police fired it outside parliament #greece. End result of gas - dry-retching, streaming eyes, burning skin.
tweets: Parliament is expected to pass austerity plan. Protesters will probably be v angry.
1247 BBC News Police have cleared most of the square, but still the tear gas comes.
emails: They are calling the politicians "traitors" -
1258 Twitter There are clashes everywhere now. The situation is very critical. Which country will be next to fall? a very sad day for Europe and world equality.
1310 tweets: Greek PM is addressing parliament - making the point that 300 rioters do not reflect the opinions of 11 million Greeks.

After all the calls for a new Europe, has it come to this! Athens before the vote.
Pictures: Yannis Bakahis Reuters: Simela Pantzartzi EPA
texts: The Greek government are serving the interests of foreign companies rather than the Greek people.
1329 Greek prime minister tells parliament they must avoid the collapse of the country at all costs
1331 The vote in parliament is due to begin shortly, after being delayed slightly by the violent clashes outside the assembly between police and protesters.
1336 Reuters says the vote in the Greek parliament has begun.
1403 Protesters have attacked the offices of the Finance Ministry, off Syntagma Square.
It's a very weird situation. Things are not well here.
1408 Breaking News The vote in favour of the austerity measures has passed the 151 votes needed for them to be passed

1417 BBC News There was a deep rumbling "boo" among protesters in the square when the result was announced over the tannoy system.
emails: The Greek Government have just sold their souls to the IMF / EU. Greece will now be in debt to them forever. Such a shame.
1754 That's it for our live coverage from Greece for the day. The Greek parliament voted narrowly in favour of a drastic package of austerity measures. which would save the country from defaulting on its debts. Syntagma Square in Athens was filled with demonstrators and violent clashes continue between protesters and the police.
1754 Thanks for following our rolling coverage. You can continue to get all the latest news developments via the front page of the BBC News website.