30 Jun 2011

Greek Crisis: The Athens 300 Strike the Spartan Spark

Wednesday June 29 13:10 hours tweets: Greek PM is addressing parliament - making the point that 300 rioters do not reflect the opinions of 11 million Greeks.
In days past around the year 480 BC 300 Spartans gave their time to saving Greece.
The battle of Thermopylae was the scene for King Leonidas to engage the mighty Superpower of the day. Then, as now, they lost the first battle but their actions helped win the war.

Xerxes, The Greek Tragedy mask of Dionysus, Reaper at the door 2011
 The battle for Athens on the day June 29th may be have been the scene for 300 untrained and lightly armed rioters. They were declared by politicians not to speak for 11 million Greeks. But this day was observed by many millions more Europeans. They see not rioters but a statement. Not a wanton orgy of destruction but a desperate attempt to control their destiny. Not a defeat but a beginning of serious focus on EU leadership who have lead the Union into trouble. Not a victory for the bankers but an urge to resist them with people power.
The Greek PM may be right when he says the Athens 300 do not reflect the opinion of 11 million Greeks. They may just end up reflecting the opinion of 300 million Europeans.