18 May 2011

Senate of Fools: Bank power verses People power

From bankpower bailouts to defense of the unknown person….
It is hard to imagine the NYPD making an error of judgment over the Strauss-Kahn affair. These tough cops know a thing or two about chasing after people in and around the block.

Accusations of power abuse by him are emerging in the light this arrest. They centre on his behavior towards women. Women have rights too and as such should be respected.

But this fair cop by the boys in blue goes deeper than just a flush of passion from some power drunk.It is about challenging the attitude of those, in whom power is invested by the people for the people. And, to whom (the people) they ultimately will be judged for their actions.

The NYPD moved to protect the rights of an unknown against a rich and well connected abuser of position. Well nothing new in that story you might say. Been happing since Brutus and the Gang slapped Caesar in the Senate. But today is different. Cover ups are getting harder and harder to operate. There is no Mark Anthony around to cover Strauss-Kahn. He is on his own unable to make a speech.

 People need a banking system that works for society and its citizens and not against them in the name of profit.
In the new world of instant communication who gets their story out first is in front. Strauss-Kahn whether innocent or guilty is finished.
He has no longer any friends in the Senate of Fools. The game is changing before their very eyes. The masks are slipping from their anonymity. They are human after all. The political/banking alliance is no longer a frightener. Neither is its weapon of virtual debt.
"Let me issue and control a Nation's money and I care not who makes its laws". - Mayer Rothschild, 1790. This is not 1790.

Technology is the rock on which our new society is built and it has ignition., It is taking off like a rocket. Across the world people are winning strength from being in communication and understanding the commonality of their existence. Eurozone leaders need to chose, bank power or people power.

Strauss will be sidelined but not his behavior. That kind of behavior is associated with wrong, and a banking/political system in which its functionaries stray too far from the madding crowd.