24 May 2011

Journalism Goes where Angels Fear to Tread, The Age of Belief is over Forever

Hurray for Communications.
Communication power highlights the mirage issues of cultural collision, the order of power and sterility of institutions no longer relevant to society. Within a decade of the digital revolution, political revolutions are back in vogue. Can it be because success breeds success. Change is here to stay. The world is better connected and we have nothing to fear from it. Can it also be that personal connections across social and political differences raise questions about the fundamental nature of our character. All is open to debate and the searching eye of modern journalism.
Poggibonsi was revealed to her as they sang--a joyless,straggling place, full of people who pretended.
 When she woke up she knew that it had been Sawston................ E.M Foster "Where Angels fear to tread"
We no longer feel afraid to question powerful circles that thrive on lies and fear. The human species is growing up. Fundamentalists are the last kickback of a dying system where people are asked to accept and believe in things they neither want or understand.
Although it did a fine job fooling all the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time during the Dark ages, the Churches are finally exposed as just a private enterprise selling Heaven and Hell. Heaven and Hell is revealed ---a joyless, frightening place, full of people who pretend.

By cruel betrayal of patrons and clients in systematically brutalizing children in its care, Catholic power and faith towards human spirituality has passed from heaven to earth where people understand and accept the reality of human frailty. The age of belief is over forever. There will never be another heaven or hell. The age of new communications gives rapture to such fantasies before they can become facts.