4 May 2011

Habet, Hoc Habet, Now he's done for!

It is the fate of combatants to kill and to be killed. In war there are no good guys bad guys acting out the part for the audience. Just winners and losers. Osama bin Laden lost his fight and his life against a better opponent. The US army has done its job and done it well.
It is the role of politicians to sell that action to the people as they will have to live with today’s decisions tomorrow and for some time to come.

Among the graffiti slogans still scrawled on walls at Pompeii, the famous Roman town preserved under a layer of volcanic ash: "Caladus, the Thracian, makes all the girls sigh."
After the July Plot in 1944, Hitler decided that the leaders should have a slow degrading death. They were hung with piano wire from meat-hooks. Their executions were filmed and later shown to senior members of both the Nazi party and the armed forces.
A version of these films was later combined into a 30 minute movie by Goebbels. It was shown to cadets at the Lichterfelde cadet school but viewers supposedly walked out of the screening in disgust.

Watching snuff movies is the stuff to turn stomachs. Let’s hope the White House calls time on this movie and doesn’t get dragged into making a film series of public executions reminiscent of Rome’s Gladiatorial Circus.

Propaganda is a delicate dish. To serve it well one must know the tastes of those who are about to use it.