19 Apr 2011

SuperState feels the heat. Bail-out crumbles as the Pig leaves the Euro Zone.

It was a bad day for Brussels as the Finns added to the rumble and hum of displeasure with the way the Euro crisis is being playing out. Or was it really that bad.

After all, nobody wants a mooching nation as a partner. And no nation wants to be a Pig either. (Portugal, Ireland, Greece)

You're barred ye wee slecher, yiv drank too much
 and now you're drunk. Come back when you're sober.
 This E.U. parlance about defaulting, restructuring, leaving, fighting in the streets, veto, burning bankers, haircuts and uncle Tom Cobley and all means only one thing. Something is gonna give and give very soon.

Look at it logically, no-one and I mean no-one is going to take unwanted medicine when they can throw the bottle in the bin. So Mammy says she will force you to take your medicine, to which, often is heard "Oh yea, you and and whose army is gonna make me."

That’s right, the EU has no army. Not like Rome with its mighty legions. Just a bunch of un-elected bureaucrats with no stomach for a bad press.

So maybe it is better and possibly the preferred choice if the over fed Pig were to cut loose. Let the Euro ship bounce back up on top of the waves, lighter and faster than before. Where it belongs. I don’t hear Norway, Sweden, Denmark or the UK complain about not being part of the Euro nor do I hear anyone else for that matter knocking on the door asking to be let in. But a Zone without the Piggi, well that a different story. (portugal ireland greece go independent).

Enter the Finns. Should they block the, or should I say, be encouraged to block the bail-out for Portugal. It is fait accompli for the crisis. Our Pig gets a break from the bacon slicer and the heat is off Mammy in Brussels to dish out the medicine. What’s the big deal, its only money after all. You just print the stuff.