24 Feb 2011

Long live the dead Ceauşescu, Gadaffi stars for martyrdom.

Just over twenty years ago I photographed the dead Ceauşescus from a Bucharest TV. Then I needed a vast array of portable equipment, a tonne of cash and a job with the Associated Press. This day, in Netherlands, I didn’t even need a camera, just two buttons on the computer keyboard, an optional coffee and the Internet. Streetfeed, (citizens journalism, crowd reporting) has changed the world.

From Ceausescu to Gadaffi, the monsters of Politics fall to the Evolution of the Revolution. Che LIVES..........
The era of Evolutionary Revolution is upon the 21st century. The American president may not have fully grasped the extent of his election slogan "Change we can Believe in" and the chant "Yes We Can" would determine the mood of other peoples desperately seeking just those words……….

The praetorian guards surrounding paranoid latter day sultans, emperors, kings and dictators alike are usually the last to admit the game is over for their paymasters. But when they do, usually they are the ones to administer the Coup de Grace….. for money of course.

Gadaffi’s (mad dog) actions against the Lybian people has assured his place in the Graveyard of unmarked tombstones. The fact that no visible external threat from the great Satan or the little one either is producing incredible uprisings against these power and wealth drunks shows change is believable, happening and will continue to happen until Politics is changed forever. Gadaffi may claim to be the father of the Bunga Bunga, but a revolutionary Che Guevara he certainly isn’t.