22 Feb 2011

"Bye bye Belgium," welcome Wallonie, Vlaanderen and Brussels, capital of the new EU

If it is done, and now is as good a time as any, Belgians, by not reforming a central government, will evolve organically into a very loose confederation.

Under the wider stability of an EU Superstate and eventually the Eurozone, existing regional governments Le Gouvernement Wallon and Vlaamse Overheid will expand and continue to run their respective regions. Change is difficult but often necessary. It is unwise to force a marriage to continue when it is clearly over. Eupen is Germany.

For divorced Belgians it will be a release they can adapt to. Wallonia will need EU support as it restructures its economy and this also might mean a huge influx into Brussels by French speakers searching for work.

Can this help Brussels become a true capital for the EU. Maybe, it would need to happen. Brussels at present is an enclave for revolving bureaucrats serving the vast EU institutions. Whereas Whitehall, Washington, the Kremlin etc are also enclaves of sorts they preside over strong sovereign states which don’t get dissolved like Belgium.

Brussels is a capital of institutions rather than a State, federal, confederate or whatever. As it is, it can be easily dissolved by telling its ever increasingly expat community of revolving servants to just not turn up for work as we are now closed for business.

If Belgium ceases to exist and there are signs it will, then Wallonia and Flanders will become the first true members of Dimension; Art of Superstate.