26 Feb 2011

E.U facedown, Inside Job, Betrayal and the Political process.

As revolution and rebellion sweeps across the Al Maghreb, a quieter revolution is happening this week in Ireland. Power is shifting by use of the democratic political process.

Democracy accommodates those on the edge of the political spectrum. The ruling Fianna Fail party is declared betrayers to the Irish Republic by its citizens and is punished accordingly at the polls. Being relegated to the edge does not necessarily mean an end to that party. Sinn Fein was once the mighty all Ireland party but was squeezed out into the cold after the civil war and independence. It is ironic, Sinn Fein, often belittled in the past by Fianna Fail, is now tipping its hat to this former establishment party as it passes it on route to success while Fianna Fail sulks towards wilderness.

E.U. is shown citizen anger. Frankurt 2011.                      Belfast 1981, Donaldson was murdered for betrayal of his people.
Enter the dragons of challenge. The Irish will question the terms of the Inside Job. (Bailout). The Three Presidents heading the EU are facing issues of credibility. Euro skeptics are focused on disclosures of indulgent spending, intransience over political transparency and the ever increasing knowledge, that change can happen anywhere if citizens decide to go for it.
If the marginalized Sinn Fein can march back into central Irish politics after so long as the result of a corrupted central party being itself marginalized, then the three EU presidents should take note.

“While not everyone might wish to plant a revolutionary bomb, everyone can plant a revolutionary vote.”

Donaldson, on the Sinn Fein 1981 election slogan (pictured above), was eventually executed for betrayal of his people. The gun is gone and politics has moved on from those troubled days and whereas, “times they are a- changing,” betrayal of the people never receives much mercy.