7 Feb 2011

Cameron and Merkel attack Multikulti.

Two former colonial powers retreat from embracing multiculture and parallel societies.
Both Germany and Britain, which spread their influence far and wide, are focusing on the Muslim community and its apparent slowness to integrate into society.
What interests me as a British national is the amount of times we have failed to do the same while visiting parts of the world legally and illegally.
Besides the 5.5 million Britons who choose to live abroad as expats, territories which have been populated and retained their Britishness range from Ulster, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, Bahamas, Falklands and a bunch of Islands in the Indian and Pacific oceans.

Multikulti is a human condition
beyond the control of politicians.

It is not all plain sailing as we know but today these societies are now strong diverse democracies and are firmly beyond any identity crisis. It has always been a slow process including newcomers and their cultures.
To say it is not possible is to ignore the charismatic Little Italy and Chinatowns of our great cities. Their descendants will want to be as national as the next. Willingly expanding society with added diversity is not the same as forced identity change.
Cameron and Merkel should reconsider attacking multikulti as a cover to resolve a security problem which is largely of Western making and find a solution to speed up its evolution.