20 Feb 2011

Bahrain royals facing destruction

A Bahrain student wears a makeshift
gasmask during the Gulf war 1991
The Bahrain Royal family are facing imminent destruction. The cold murder of innocent civilians in the middle of the night by what is primarily a Praetorian Guard (recruited externally and loyal only to their Royal paymasters) can only lead to the formation of a counter freedom movement with military overtones.
Iran is just north of Bahrain and the US 5th Fleet is stationed there. All the right ingredients are there for a classic insurgency against a dictatorship.

Will Obama back the Royals. Can 3000 members of the Royal family hold out against 800,000 Bahrainis and a flood of Al Quds revolutionary guards.

It's the Alamo over there for these guys. Except these Royals are supported by nobody, only other Royals. There is no Davey Crocket or Jim Bowie in their Ranks. I know I met some of them during the Gulf war. (post # the berlusconi effect).

In this scenario it is essential the US supports the removal of the Al Khalifa family. A real democracy will see the wisdom of the 5th fleet. Young combatants in an Iranian backed insurgency will just see enemies.