14 Jan 2011

Tunisia and the World, belongs to Me

A child protester at the Hague International court of justice
 While driving past the International court in the Hague today I came across a small, but visually police protected, protest. Women, children and men of good breeding formed an orderly chant against Ben Ali's discredited regime in Tunisia, the former home of Hannibal Barca, the great protester against Roman mis-rule. Strange description I know. But it not usual that highly educated and well heeled members of society take to the streets to voice protest at political wrong doings, from time to time.

If this event is significant it is because good people are ready to protect citizen interest around the World. Governments are rightly coming under more democratic scrutiny. Their time on this Earth as the instrument of unbridled Capitalist adventurers is slowly being exposed. If Tunisia can win and with a low causality of patriotism, then strong democracies with their experience of community resistance can shed the scourge of financial vampirism sweeping Europe and the Western system.

Hannibal Barca was a military insurgent of immense importance. Today’s Tunisia at the Hague international court showed clearly, people, and the WHO matters, can out match, out flank and outlive the mis- rulers.