26 Jan 2011

Stark realities takes nuclear war to new Horror Level.

A lust for new Horror Levels shames past memory..
 Picture from the series De Kijk
Industrialised slaughter of civilians has always been the dark side of human conflict. From blood soaked Crusaders taking Jerusalem in the name of Christianity in 1099 to 20th century monsters in the name of Fascism and Communism. But in whose name did two British officials, David Owen and Michael Quinlan, argue over the threshold for a Horror Level of Russian causalities in a debate about a nuclear attack on Moscow in 1970’s. Owen threw the dice for one million while Quinlan selected a card for ten million. Recently released papers show the degree of disgust and contempt even seemingly democratic minded politicians have towards humanity. “In a Nuclear War, Britain would have to finished what it started and bring about the breakdown of the city as a functioning community.” Said Quinlan

Given that the majority of British live in a tiny cramped part of the island around London and therefore subject to entire annihilation from a retaliatory strike, it beggars belief to think these idiots were working for the benefit of the country.

And today, politicians want to be involved in every war going. Ex War prime minister Blair recently told the Chilcot inquiry he was saddened for the loss of life after he ordered the illegal war in Iraq. But added, we should still consider attacking Iran as its influence in the middle East is growing. And what is this so-called peace envoy’s threshold for an Iranian Horror Level. The population of Tehran is currently 8,429,807. Will that do it for him.