11 Jan 2011

Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero fails Basque politics.

All peoples have the right to seek self determination. Most modern democracies have filed past this route to become societies based on freedom and secular tolerance. America, Israel, India, Croatia, Finland, South Africa. The list goes on. However the means to acquire this self determination is usually reflected in the behavior of those refusing to grant it. Palestine and Belgium are poles apart.

Armed struggle is a weapon of last resort. A prominent Belfast IRA Republican commented some years back that ETA had missed opportunities to grasp the tide of modern means to achieve their goal of independence.

In rejecting ETA’s announcement for a ceasefire, Spanish Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero has failed to exploit a rare moment of clarity. Spain has enemies in the bond markets and will be attacked later in the year by the financial vigilantes.

If ETA says to three million Basques peaceful means doesn't work and declares full secession will Zapatero send Spanish troops during a financial crisis to quell an uprising. Such action would crush the young EU Superstate. Peaceful means must be given the chance to work.

Left: A United Kingdom wall mural.