2 Jan 2011

Shine a light to C 2011

In 2011 the European Union will decide its destiny. It can only be an historic moment to watch and hear whether todays leaders will take place in its history or join a long list of wannabes.
In looking at the bigger picture it would be a mistake to not break the cycle of self interest at national level for a period of pan Euro citizenship and a Global role for the betterment of  human condition. Negotiations will be tough and will take some further years to resolve.

The vicious bond vigilantes will incur the wrath of the people. On the streets and in the workplace a new revolutionary thinking is spawning to question the roles of financiers and politicians. It would be a folly if politicians did not cut loose their ties to these people and save their future. This is not 1933. The populace is better off, wiser and more organised.  The road to a stable society is rooted in the C. Co-operation replaces Confrontation as the  solution but will it take confrontation to make the enemies of  the stable society come to C the  way of progress.   

Above: The entrance to Groningen museum in northern Netherlands. Right: The Euro sign in Frankfurt financial quarter.