24 Jan 2011

Self determination for Palestine and Israel. Peace be with you.

Self determination for people, from the Jerusalem Walks series 1991
"We have returned to our holy places... And we shall never leave them," Gen Moshe Dayan 1967
……the establishment of the Jewish state was that Jews became more than just a collection of individuals, communities and fragments of communities. They became a sovereign collective in their own territory…………no longer as a ruled people, defeated and persecuted, but as a proud people with a magnificent country and one which always aspires to serve as "Light Unto the Nations". Benjamin Netanyahu 2010.

The continuing tragedy of present day Palestine and the Jewish state gets continually mired in finger pointing accusations, perceived political arrogance and the colossus of historical burdens.  
But let the facts speak for themselves. Regardless of where one stands in the heat of the debate, the majority of people in the Levant are moving forward both in population and in wealth. True, most of those suffering in the social lag are from the Palestinian community. And this is an unacceptable face of the problem. But, Israel is not a country without a conscience. It knows very well its destiny is tied up with its neighbours just like other countries, like it or not. Moving forward is short term advantage to Palestinians and long term advantage to the region. If peace can be won then Allah and Jehovah will be one.