21 Jan 2011

Moderne photojournalism, evolutionary revolution.

Professional Revolutionary Che Guevara
adorns a West Belfast Mural. From the Icons of Terror series 2008 
Revolution and social evolution are pillars for human advancement. Sometimes revolution alone fails to deliver progress but most often it is necessary. If evolution participates in the revolution then advancement is secured.   

Moderne photojournalism places its evolution in acceptance of all things new in the media revolution. Whereas, People reporting and Crowd journalism is the revolution, and a powerful one at that, the evolution of photojournalism is exciting and just as daring. Roles for photojournalists can be created by themselves but more importantly they should respond to the incredible interest directed from the information Revolution.  
Water finds its own level. As such, moderne photojournalism swims through nooks and crannies to work with a citizen's army using information to advance social evolution.  
Revolution studies is now mainstream. The professional Revolutionary can replace his gun above the fireplace confident his camera, loaded with twitter and facebook will deliver better and more acceptable results. Up the Revolution!!!