20 Jan 2011

Madonna is God's mistress

A shopping mall in Den Haag Netherlands

Writing about religion is never easy. The growing differences between Christians and Muslims is a sad fact. Religion, since the 11th century has been used as a marker to identify the other lot. Most people today don't really believe in God or gods. Certainly not to the extent of the Roman Pope or the many other Popes around the world. God is as dead in the hearts of citizens as Thor, Zeus or Athena. Religion is not dead because it gives to some people the umbrella to be separated from others.
But one question can be raised. If we were able to get people to believe in this religious stuff throughout varying times of history and in some of the most ridiculous and incredible stories they followed, then why can't we promote a religion which is suitable to 21st Century economics and politics. Religions pass all the time and fade into myth and legend. If it suits to lie and create make believe for better harmony between the different parts of the world then so be it. Madonna is God's mistress, well who do you think gave the people Christianity and Islam in the first place.