6 Jan 2011

Gangsta Governments, no thanks.

It is not easy to say we don't need government and really mean it. Belgium has been without government for several months and it is still there. People are still breathing and babies are still being born. No body can foresee what would happen in Belgium if there was no return to business as usual and if Flanders and Wallonia were to spar to the point of divorce.
What is for sure is that there will be no divorce without a referendum on the issue should government decide to sack itself.
If we can see that far and accept that the people are wise enough to settle issues by referenda, then government should stop treating referendums as headaches and an inconvenient tolerance.
All constitutional changes should be put to the people regardless of the inconvenience. For at least the decisions would have a vastly longer life as opposed to the constant fixing, resetting and repealing of actions by politicians playing to party vested interested and which is plaguing the evolution of universal democracy.


It is with disgust and horror to know that Europe is still home to some of the worst human behaviour carried out by Gangsta Government.
Take the case of KLA boss Hasim Thaci in Albania . This Mafia freak, who cut the organs from Serb Prisoners of War and sold them to unquestioning and desperate patients, is in some way understandable of the messed up conditions facing the Balkans. What is not understandable and totally repugnant is the UK’s former War Prime Minister for New Labour accepting a gold medal for freedom from the guy. Maybe Blair should invest in the UK’s Health system and speak out against such Government Barbaric practise.

Left: A victim from the Yugoslavian War 1992.