18 Nov 2010

Steady as she goes

Le Place de Luxemburg est Rouge
 Brussels has issued warnings to Piigs. This is a "Survival crisis" and "If we do not survive with the Eurozone, we will not survive with the EU." These are great words to challenge the attack on the Eurozone by the unscruplous financial terrorists eyeing a political role in a future Global order. Or, is it just a ploy to shake naturally cautious partners to accept that that global order is a reality and not a pipe dream. Examine what we know and not what we think we know. Progress was made for all since 1999. If Ireland and the rest of the Piigs play ball it should be remembered that Mr President Van Rompuy used the word "WE" twice. Always remember President Lincon's famous remarks about "Fooling all the people all the time." Walls which famously came down in 1989 should stay down physical or otherwise.