7 Aug 2011

E.U. Crisis Enters the Tunnel of Uncertainty

Monday Monday, can’t trust that day. This week the Euro crisis enters the Tunnel of uncertainty  A week never to be forgotten. Nerves are on edge. Fortunes will be lost on the markets. The awakening of the multitudes to a prolonged storm of hardship will hit home through the evening news channels.

In reality it is just decision time. In politics nothing happens by chance.  Over stated threats have for some time become part of the new culture of fear being spread among the population to replace  expensive wars. We seemingly have more to fear from statements emanating from the offices of a credit rating agency.  Virtual money on the stock market is transforming itself into virtual losses which the taxpayer is being asked to bail-out. It’s getting scary out there and the thing is people, global leaders are seemingly unable to control the monster they created. More fear.

It isn't the tunnel of love for this weeks Euro crisis reality show as the Eurozone faces collapse
 Pictures from Rotterdam and Dusseldorf 2011

It was politicians who created the Big Bang in October 1986 when deregulation became self regulation – which seemed sometimes as though the City Boys Gang who took over the block made it up as they went along.

The Big Bang City Boys Gang now has governments by the throat and is asking not only for money it creates out of thin air but also for the political clout necessary to save it from any vengeance by Mob Gang.

This week will show if politicians have it in them to stand up to the market monster. They know if they don’t their positions will be first to fall to the Mob Gang who are licking up to elements hell bent on securing a fist fight with the City Boys Gang.   Fear is not a one way ticket.  Some people this week may feel terrorised by the markets and while one answer is to terrorise the terrorists, the other is for strong leadership.