9 May 2011

Eurozone break-up now a Reality as Banking crisis becomes a Crisis of Trust

Kubuswoningen Rotterdam by Piet Blom 1984.
 Living in a cube world 2011 where the
dice has landed against all punters

Even under pressure from growing popular sentiment to dump the Euro and possibly the EU itself, Bankers and to a degree the leadership in Brussels are still refusing to believe they can’t force nations to carry the can for their gross miscalculations. The miscalculations I talk about is plain attitude.

And what an attitude they have towards the everyday “Mob.” Scratch below the surface of “ A pride of Pigs” and you will soon find old allegiances to self preservation and nationhood are not so dead after all.

This crisis of leadership for the EU and hopes of millions for a United and fair Europe is fast becoming a crisis of Trust.

 The millstone of the banking institutions around the necks of nations can and will be cut loose simply because it can.

Bankers can talk all they want about lending this and borrowing that but it matters little if people refuse to sit at their table. After all any nation has the power to create central banks and print currency. Working people know where their interests lie. And it isn’t in a Luxembourg Chateau. If Bankers want to gamble they should also know there is no payout on a fixed fight. Stacking the dice so you win each and every time can soon turn into a roadhouse brawl…………….roll baby roll