27 May 2011

The Balkan Butchers Captured or Dead. Why the European Union should help Serbia.

 Finally, the arrest of Ratko Mladic. Why so long. Facing the truth needs courage.

The Ghosts of unimaginable horror returned to haunt Europe, post Communism.
top, the Balkan Butchers, Sniping citizens in Sarajevo,
The gate sign at Auschwitz shortly before it was stolen.
It cannot escape the attention of those who know this story, the time and means Mladic managed to remained free in Serbia. Professional soldiers fighting for popular causes always win sympathy. But Ratko Mladic is no combatant to be proud of. A self declared enemy of a whole group of people he is cut from the same grain as the psychotic perpetrators of earlier crimes against humanity. Young Serbs I met at the beginning of the war agonized over the route their leaders were taking them, openly sobbing while discussing the unbelievable madness gripping their country and their future.

Some of that madness protected Mladic for so long. Now a new direction is planned. It should be noted that that direction is towards the European Union. Even in the midst of a financial crisis and citizen’s criticism of its management, the European Union still has a noble focus for Europeans. A focus which encompass ideology that within the new European family such barbaric madness will become less of an option to devise and operate. Within the EU, times of social chaos can be shared with and by the rest of the Union. It's the stuff of which to make Rome proud.

There are reasons, and Mladic is one of them, why the E.U. in Brussels must work hard to keep its ideals and founding spirits alive. An overweight privileged centralized clique will harm these principals. Whereas, a leaner and fitter service will provide better value, trust and a following. The E.U is not invincible, nothing is, but it is admirable that Serbs see the Union as a lightning rod for stability and a return to civilized politics.

Europe, through the Union, must focus on cleaning up legacies from its recent past. It must remove the ancient tribal European addiction to violence and horror against those who are labeled different but in reality are the very same.

Balkan wounds run deep and long. Much needs to be done to heal this part of Europe ripped apart in savagery. But the removal of the Butchers is a good day for Serbia.